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Is it okay to leave money in your Savings Account?

For most individuals, the security of being able to regularly check their savings account balance on their bank app or on a passbook is v ...Read more

Equity Balanced Funds

Equity Balanced FundsAn Equity Balanced Fund is a type of mutual fund which invests in Equity, ...Read more

Why is Investing Tough in Today’s Lifestyle?

Let me start with a short story about investments. This story will help you understand why one is not able to save enough money by the end of the month.In the story of almost every investor, there is one common mis ...Read more

Investing in Corporate Fixed Deposits

Investing in Corporate Fixed DepositsNot happy with the interest on bank fixed deposits? You’d prefer to invest in a fixed deposit with a company and earn the incremental 2-3% return. It must be ...Read more